Lindsay’s plastic bondage arrangement continues

It seemed that Lindsay spent all the extra cash that she earned from her gentleman friend as soon as he gave it to her.  Several months into their bondage arrangement, Lindsay thought about proposing an increase in her time each month.

She was required to dress nicely for their meetings, and she wore a white cotton long-sleeved shirt-dress that she had hired a tailor to fit to her figure.

She knew that she looked great in pantyhose, so she wore dark, sparkly hose and also high-heels of patent leather with a thick strap around the ankle.  Lindsay knew that she looked a little slutty, especially with fuck-me the heels, so she drove straight from her apartment to the gentleman’s estate, even though she needed to stop at the store.

Lindsay knew she had hit the mark when he opened the door and saw her.  He smiled broadly, took her wrist and pulled her inside.  Lindsay spread her arms against the wall as he searched her.

Lindsay’s Bondage Arrangement

“I don’t understand why you don’t trust me!” she cried as his hands reached under her skirt.  He loved it when she did this, she knew.  Because of this,  she thought her chances were good of getting more time per month.

Within minutes, he tied her wrists and elbows tightly behind her back, buckled a collar about her throat, and shackled her ankles in leg-irons.  She walked demurely behind him, with her head bowed.  The sexual arousal started to wash over her.

He led her by a leash in the back part of the his estate.  She was collared, and the leash was clipped onto the D-ring at her throat.

The primal experience of walking bound behind a dominant male was really just too sexy for her to ignore.  Now, she thought about breaching the topic of more hours and more money.

“Sir?” she said.  He pulled her along on her leash by her throat.  Then her turned, put is finger on her lips and said, “Silence”.

She said nothing.

Back at the estate, she stripped and he tied her up.

Lindsay submits to her bondage arrangement and is stripped topless and is ball-gagged
Lindsay submits to her bondage arrangement and is stripped topless and is ball-gagged






She still had not asked him about the extra hours, and now he gagged her!  He left her kneeling his his bedroom next to her cage and he returned with a plastic bag.

Lindsay is sacked in a plastic bag, kneeling next to the cage where she will be locked for the night.
Lindsay is sacked in a plastic bag, kneeling next to the cage where she will be locked for the night.







He placed the plastic bag over her head and fell down to her knees as she knelt next to the cage wherein he would keep her locked for the night.  She quickly felt that she was warm and stuffy, but this was not air-tight.  He had tied her wrists behind her back, and the plastic grazed across her steel-bolted nipples.

She lowered her head just a bit, and saliva drooled from her bottom lip and fell onto her chest, and then down into her hair at her puss.  She tried to stop it, but another string of drool followed it.

She moved back and forth and the plastic bag pulled in, sticking to her ball-gag and to her breasts and stomach, giving her less air-space for her nostrils.

He watched, amused at her struggles.  “Stay there, kneeling,” he said.  “I have work to do.”

She looked up at him questioningly, but she didn’t really need to question.  This was not the first time she had knelt, bound and draped in plastic.

So this was it.  She would remain in bondage, but he would leave her.

“You will spend the night locked in your cage, collared and chained,” she said.

Lindsay was heartbroken!  She knew that she wouldn’t get to ask him about more time, because his latex maid would probably unchain her in the morning and with a disapproving demeanor, send her on her way.

Maybe next month . . .

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Arrested in Plastic on a Rainy Day

Olivia had been told that she was going to picked up that cool rainy day in January.  She faced two weeks in jail for a minor public intoxication conviction and she was ready to do her time.

Olivia wanted to make sure she looked good for the arrest.  She didn’t want anyone to think she was some kind of slut or anything.  The officers arrived and since it was actually raining outside, Olivia was provided with a clear plastic button-up disposal raincoat.

Olivia wearing dress, cap-puff sleeves, clear plastic raincoat and maximum security handcuffs
Olivia wearing dress, cap-puff sleeves, clear plastic raincoat and maximum security handcuffs

She was locked in maximum security handcuffs and told to sit down.  She watched as the police searched her apartment.  Nothing was found.  She began to get a little sweaty, both from being nervous and from the plastic raincoat.

With her handcuffs locked on in front, she was unable to take off her raincoat.  She looked up at you young male deputy.

“Hey, it’s kinda hot in here, can’t I have this raincoat off? she pleaded with the deputy.

“No.  You are all ready for transport.  I don’t want to take the security risk.”

“Look”, she said.  “This plastic raincoat is hot, sticky and uncomfortable!  I tell you what.  If you take this clear plastic off, you can lock these heavy maximum security handcuffs behind my back.  Wouldn’t that be even more restrictive and secure?”

As she adjusted herself in her seat, she made a plastic rustling sound.  She realized that she was now in plastic bondage, and there was not way out of it.  She wondered if she would be required to wear plastic during her full two week jail term.  She had to face it;  she had been arrested in plastic.

The marshal received a call on his cell phone.  The female paddy wagon had pulled into the parking lot.  She had seen this movie before.  She would be locked in her handcuffs and plastic inside a stuffy metal locker that was bolted and locked on the outside.

The marshal too and bagged her personal effects, locked the front door, and had her stand, holding her arm.  She tried her best to be proud, and walked forward with her chin high.

It was a long walk down the hall to the porch where the paddy wagon was waiting.

Olivia wearing dress, cap-puff sleeves, clear plastic raincoat and handcuffs
Olivia wearing dress, cap-puff sleeves, clear plastic raincoat and handcuffs

As she stood on the porch right next to the rain she was glad that she had been given a clear plastic raincoat.

As she stood waiting to be locked in her cell in the paddy wagon, she thought, “now all my boyfriends are going to want to hear all about how I had to spend two weeks in jail, and how I had been arrested in plastic and locked in handcuffs!

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Felix Dartmouth

Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat

She knew they were coming, and she wanted to be ready.  It was a surprise when she answered the door, and an unassuming woman in a Sheriff’s windbreaker stood in the porch.  “Marshal’s service,” the lady said.

“I guess you want my house keys and drivers license?” asked Rosamunde.  She handed them over, and the marshal put them in a zip-lock bag and labeled them with her name.

“I’m going to have to lock the door,” said the Marshal.

Rosamunde knew why that would be, it was as she feared.  She dressed for this.  She wore a nice conservative red dress, very low heels and pantyhose.  “I heard it was going to rain,” she said.

“Sure might,” agreed the marshal.

Rosamunde took the plastic raincoat draped over the couch, and put it on.  She buttoned all the buttons along the front of the plastic raincoat.

The marshal pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  Rosamunde turned around, with her wrists placed behind her back.

“Are those really necessary?” asked Rosamunde, although she knew the answer.  She thought it was worth a try.

“Yes ma’am.  All prisoners get locked up for transport.  Nothing to worry about.  This is just standard procedure for your safety and for mine.”

The deputy was firm, but not rough as she placed the manacles around Rosamunde’s wrists and closed the ratchets tightly.  Rosamunde was surprised to find that a flush of heat enveloped her belly as she realized she had been a free woman, but was now an arrested prisoner.

She feared that she would be seen marched to the police car locked in handcuffs in plastic by her neighbors.

The deputy opened the door.  “Let’s go, Ma’am.”  Rosamunde walked out onto the porch, and the deputy locked her apartment door, and sealed the keys in the bag.  Holding her left arm, she escorted her prisoner down the stairs.  A quick image of Rosamunde was taken with her handcuffs on to show in the public record that she had been arrested.

Here is a video of Rosamunde’s story. Title “Hexed“.Add to Cart

Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat
Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat

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Lindsay blindfolded and gagged in plastic bondage

It was his job to pay her.  It was her job to abide in bondage.  Sometimes, plastic bondage.  She bristled at the arrangement, however.  He would pay her $1,000 per month.  She would remain in bondage for 10 hours.  Not bad, $100 per hour.  The first month or so it wasn’t so bad.  She would be dressed in pretty outfits and costumes.  Sometimes they would just talk in his living room, sometimes they would walk with her wrists tied behind her back in the more remote areas of the park.

Then, he started using a collar and leash.  The outfits started getting sexier and the bondage tighter.  She would spend a tighter percentage of her time gnawing on a silicone ball-gag.

He started insisting that she spend all of her time at once, right at the beginning of the month.  After the fourth or fifth month, when she was spending 16 hours in bondage he started withholding payment until AFTER she had spent her time in bondage.  By then she depended on the monthly payments.

He built a tiny jail cell in his basement with a toilet.  She knew it was for her before he told her, but he did tell her it was for her, and that her time locked in the cell would count as part of her monthly time.

She had a love-hate relationship with the arrangement.  On one hand, here responsibilities were very limited.  On the other hand, she was a bound woman.  Just to satisfy her curiosity, she asked him to photograph her one of the weeks that she was locked up.  The following image is the result.

Lindsey blindfolded and ball-gagged in plastic bondage
Lindsey blindfolded and ball-gagged in plastic bondage

Click on the thumbnail to the left for a full-size jpg.





Does anyone think that Lindsay will renew her bondage arrangement with this gentleman?

Pretty in Plastic – Jessica waits for her ride on a blustery December day in a plastic raincoat

Pretty in Plastic

One of the camp counselors, Jessica, a college freshman had to work the night before as a cocktail waitress at the most popular watering hole in town.  Since I had to go up there anyway, I had agreed to give her a lift to the camp.

Jessica wear a clear plastic raincoat as she waits for her ride.
Jessica, pretty in plastic, wears a clear plastic raincoat as she waits for her ride.

This was a winter session, the week after Christmas, and it was blustery windy and cold.  Jessica traded in her sexy waitress uniform, which consisted of high strap-on heels, fishnet stockings, a barely-there thong, and a sheer top with exaggerated, puffy cap sleeves that buttoned tightly around her upper arm, for a comfortable cashmere sweater, her favorite jeans, and high-heel mules.

When I saw her standing on the corner, I was struck, as usual, as to her beauty, talent and good-nature for a girl who was embarking on such a hard life. She was wearing only a clear plastic raincoat against the cold and wind and her umbrella had been pushed backward by the stiff breeze.  She was clearly shivering.  She had not noticed me, and I decided to watch her for a few minutes, she surely wouldn’t be the worse for it.

I pulled up, and reached over, opening the door for her, and she hopped in the car, a bustle of energy, shivering and the rustling of plastic.

Cold day in December in a plastic raincoat!

“Brrrr!” she said.  “It’s freezing cold!  Can you turn up the heater?  Thank you so much for giving me a ride, Mr. Jenkins!”  She reached over and gave me a quick hug and a kiss around my neck. Continue reading Pretty in Plastic – Jessica waits for her ride on a blustery December day in a plastic raincoat

Gagged Female in Plastic with wrists and elbows bound behind her back

Princess is featured in a clip from “Ten Tight Positions“.   She remembers being with her family at a resort park, and her Dad insisted that she and her Mom wear a disposable plastic raincoat the whole day, even though it was barely drizzling.

Woman in plastic gagged and tightly tied at her wrists and elbows
Woman in plastic gagged and tightly tied at her wrists and elbows

The heat is being turned up on Princess in ten tight positions – she is wearing a plastic raincoat, and her wrists and elbows have been tied behind her back and a ball-gag has been strapped behind her teeth. She can look forward to hours of kneeling in servitude, being groped, hogtied and sweating it out in her plastic wrapper.  Perhaps she will not be released for the full 24 hours in plastic bondage that she contracted for.

As a woman who owes a debt, as a gagged female in plastic, however, she must bear her captivity in good humor.

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Partying sorority girl returned in plastic bondage

Often at sorority and fraternity parties, some of the participant get just a bit sauced.  Now that drinking and driving can ruin their reputation, so they usually take good advantage when a security officer offers them safe passage back to their houses.

Officer Johnson has always helped the young ladies, and sometimes the young men back to their apartments or their Greek houses.  He does have one stipulation, however;  Since they might be arrested if they tried to drive he requires that they be locked in handcuffs, behind their backs for the ride home, and the walk up to the porch.

Laura escorted back to the sorority house in plastic with handcuffs
Laura escorted back to the sorority house in plastic bondage with handcuffs

Laura, who had offered to clean up after the party, noticed that it was raining.  She really hadn’t had that much to drink, but it was late, and Officer Johnson offered her a ride home.

“Do I have to be handcuffed in the back of your squad car, like a prisoner,” she asked?

The officer appeared to consider her request.  “You really can’t ride up front, I have too much computer equipment up there.”

Laura bit her lip and nodded.  “So, I guess I have to ride in the backseat prisoner’s cage?”

“That’s right,” said the officer.  “And I want you locked up in handcuffs like all the other girls.”

“Well, OK,” said Laura.  She turned her back, so he could lock her wrists behind her back. Continue reading Partying sorority girl returned in plastic bondage

Socialite is placed in plastic bondage – Donations soar!

This article appeared in a tony local magazine for the high-end neighborhood that all the young professional people were moving in to.  It may seem that this lovely young woman in simply wrapped in saran and duct-taped, but you can be assured that her wrists are very tightly bound crossed behind her back with thin cords with firm knots at every wrapping.

Anna in plastic bondge!
At the Benefit, it was decided that this lovely sponsor would be a prize for the wealthiest donors to dance with. She was taken back to the kitchen, where the chef tied her wrists, and she was wrapped in industrial Saran Wrap and duct-taped.
As she danced through the evening, donations soared! Here she is back a home, still in plastic bondage and reflecting on the wonderful evening where so much was raised for charity!














It seems apparent that this young lady, or the predicament that she was placed in, was the key to the benefit’s success!  She wondered how she could manage to be placed in plastic bondage again!