Pretty in Plastic – Jessica waits for her ride on a blustery December day in a plastic raincoat

Pretty in Plastic

One of the camp counselors, Jessica, a college freshman had to work the night before as a cocktail waitress at the most popular watering hole in town.  Since I had to go up there anyway, I had agreed to give her a lift to the camp.

Jessica wear a clear plastic raincoat as she waits for her ride.
Jessica, pretty in plastic, wears a clear plastic raincoat as she waits for her ride.

This was a winter session, the week after Christmas, and it was blustery windy and cold.  Jessica traded in her sexy waitress uniform, which consisted of high strap-on heels, fishnet stockings, a barely-there thong, and a sheer top with exaggerated, puffy cap sleeves that buttoned tightly around her upper arm, for a comfortable cashmere sweater, her favorite jeans, and high-heel mules.

When I saw her standing on the corner, I was struck, as usual, as to her beauty, talent and good-nature for a girl who was embarking on such a hard life. She was wearing only a clear plastic raincoat against the cold and wind and her umbrella had been pushed backward by the stiff breeze.  She was clearly shivering.  She had not noticed me, and I decided to watch her for a few minutes, she surely wouldn’t be the worse for it.

I pulled up, and reached over, opening the door for her, and she hopped in the car, a bustle of energy, shivering and the rustling of plastic.

Cold day in December in a plastic raincoat!

“Brrrr!” she said.  “It’s freezing cold!  Can you turn up the heater?  Thank you so much for giving me a ride, Mr. Jenkins!”  She reached over and gave me a quick hug and a kiss around my neck.

“I think my heater is not working very well, unfortunately,” I apologized.  We had a two-hour drive to the rural camp in the Texas Piney Woods.

She started to unbutton her raincoat.

“You know, you’d be warmer if you wore your raincoat all the rest of the way to the camp.”

“I guess you’re right,” she replied.  She looked over behind her and I had my laundry, just picked up from the cleaners in dry-cleaning bags. This gave me an idea.

“If you want to be really warm, why don’t you put on those laundry bags?  They will keep you warm the whole time!  And besides, you will really look pretty in plastic!”

Jessica was hugging herself with her arms. “Anything that would keep me warm!”

“I also have a roll of duct tape.  I can make an airtight seal at your neck to keep your body temperature in.”

“That sounds great,” she said, shivering. “Wrap me up in plastic and tape me up so I can be warm!”

We pulled over to a parking lot before we hit the highway, and she got out and stood in the windy cold.  I decided to tie her hands, but was not sure she would acquiesce. As I approached her with the roll of duct tape, however, she turned her back to me and placed her hands behind her back.

“Like this?” she questioned.

I wrapped the tape tightly around her wrists, then I pressed her elbows together and found they easily touched!  I quickly taped them tightly together, and her shoulders were pulled back and her breasts jutted out.

“What about the plastic?” she asked.  I could hear just a bit of impatience.  I took a laundry bag and sacked it over her head, and it came all the way to her ankles.  I wrapped her throat in the duct tape quite firmly and extended it to that she had to raise her chin to be comfortable.  Then I tore the plastic away from her face.

“More?” she asked, wiggling around in her bag.  I put on one more bag, and then taped her arms tightly together above her breasts, at the small of her waist and at her knees.  I kept the bag over her face.

“Can you breathe OK?” I asked.

“I have plenty of air,” she said.  “I think this will keep me really warm.”

She tried to walk and stumbled into me and I put my arms around her, she looked up and me through her plastic hood an giggled.  “You know,” I said, “you are really pretty in plastic!”  I helped her into the car and I tightly seat-belted her in.

She remarked that she was now really warm.  “But tell me, Mr. Jenkins,” she asked.  “Do you tie up and put all the girls you give a ride to in duct tape and in plastic?”

“Only the pretty ones!”  I replied, smiling.

She gave a good shake to her tape strappings and her seat-belt and we settled down to the peaceful drive up to her camp.

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