Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat

She knew they were coming, and she wanted to be ready.  It was a surprise when she answered the door, and an unassuming woman in a Sheriff’s windbreaker stood in the porch.  “Marshal’s service,” the lady said.

“I guess you want my house keys and drivers license?” asked Rosamunde.  She handed them over, and the marshal put them in a zip-lock bag and labeled them with her name.

“I’m going to have to lock the door,” said the Marshal.

Rosamunde knew why that would be, it was as she feared.  She dressed for this.  She wore a nice conservative red dress, very low heels and pantyhose.  “I heard it was going to rain,” she said.

“Sure might,” agreed the marshal.

Rosamunde took the plastic raincoat draped over the couch, and put it on.  She buttoned all the buttons along the front of the plastic raincoat.

The marshal pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  Rosamunde turned around, with her wrists placed behind her back.

“Are those really necessary?” asked Rosamunde, although she knew the answer.  She thought it was worth a try.

“Yes ma’am.  All prisoners get locked up for transport.  Nothing to worry about.  This is just standard procedure for your safety and for mine.”

The deputy was firm, but not rough as she placed the manacles around Rosamunde’s wrists and closed the ratchets tightly.  Rosamunde was surprised to find that a flush of heat enveloped her belly as she realized she had been a free woman, but was now an arrested prisoner.

She feared that she would be seen marched to the police car locked in handcuffs in plastic by her neighbors.

The deputy opened the door.  “Let’s go, Ma’am.”  Rosamunde walked out onto the porch, and the deputy locked her apartment door, and sealed the keys in the bag.  Holding her left arm, she escorted her prisoner down the stairs.  A quick image of Rosamunde was taken with her handcuffs on to show in the public record that she had been arrested.

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Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat
Rosamunde handcuffed and arrested in a plastic raincoat

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